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AMSOIL was “THE FIRST IN SYNTHETICS”, bringing the best engine oils, full synthetic engine oils to the market and available to the public, BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE!

Engine oil industry pioneer Al Amatuzio founded AMSOIL and built his company after retiring from the military as a jet fighter squadron commander!

Military fighter jet engines required special synthetic oil because of the high temperatures and extremely high engine RPMs.  After retiring from active duty in the 1960s, Al Amatuzio saw that the superior synthetic engine oils were NOT available to the public for their cars, trucks, etc.  So he saw then that opportunity to be the first company to make the best engine oils available to the public!

After years of research AMSOIL 10w40 Synthetic Motor Oil became the first synthetic engine oil in the world to meet the American Petroleum Institute service requirements in 1972. It outperformed conventional oils on all performance categories, honestly being the best engine oil available to the public, starting a new age in lubrication science. Today, every other engine oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead with introductions of synthetic engine oils of their own, TRYING to copy AMSOIL.
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In 1994 Al Amatuzio was honored as the pioneer of synthetic lubrication with his induction into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame.

Al Amatuzio passed away in April, 2017.  Today, his son, Alan Amatuzio serves as AMSOIL President & Chief Operating Officer (COO).

AMSOIL has become quite a very large company making the best engine oils for any engine. AMSOIL products ARE NOT available in stores. ONLY available through a world-wide network of independent dealers. Ordering and receiving your AMSOIL engine oil is fast and easy through a dealer website connected directly to the AMSOIL factory headquarters! The best engine oils are available online right now 24-7-365.  HAPPY SHOPPING and may your engine live happily ever after.

AMSOIL is definitely one of the very best engine oils available for your engine, IF NOT the very best engine oil. THAT is a true statement. A great many people have done their research and found out the AMSOIL secret (it’s the best engine oil, THAT is the secret) and agree with this website that AMSOIL does have the best engine oils. For ANY engine!  Engine Masters on the Motor Trend Channel use and recommend AMSOIL, just as one example.

If you really want the best engine oil for your Car, SUV, Light Truck or Big Rig, Tractor, Heavy Equipment, RV, Motorcycle, ATV, Lawnmower, Generator, etc., then your search is over.  My Independent AMSOIL Authorized Dealer website is very thorough, extremely detailed and complete!  Look up your best engine oil by vehicle (or machine if it applies!), by vehicle, by type of fuel, OMG it’s the best!  The links I’ve put up throughout this site and blog are easy to find!


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